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what is MINCODE

MINCODE is a coalition of twelve (12) networks of NGOs based in
Mindanao.  It was organized in 1991 and registered with the
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1992.


MINCODE envisions a Mindanao society where its peoples live
with equity and peace respectful of cultural diversities, caring of its
rich natural resources and in harmony with their Creator


To take the lead in the advocacy and action of tripeople peace and
development and other key issues affecting Mindanao by
mobilizing network members and communities

To provide a forum/venue for genuine and meaningful dialogue
among groups in Mindanao


1. Promote Mindanao consciousness & Tripeople’s awareness
2. Peace & mutual understanding of Tripeoples
3. Influnce policy along Tripeople program lines
4. Partnership with other development players
5. Mainstreaming provincial formations
6. Strengthening organizational capacity (Research, Sustainability)
our Story...

MINCODE was established as a coalition in 1991 with 11 participating
development NGO networks.  

Its formation was facilitated by the Mindanao Regional Committee (MRC) of the
PCJC-HRD.  Having drawn inspiration from the emerging coalition of the national
networks, the PCJC-MRD organized series of exploratory conferences and
consultations which involved other networks of Mindanao NGOs.  The process
became the venue for dialogues the sentiment and the need for collaboration and
consolidation earlier expressed by the representatives of the networks.

The coalition was formed by Mindanao NGOs and POs in response to the need to
unify on a common perspective after two decades of working for people’s
development.  Through its activities, the members found common ground to
address the issues affecting the people particularly the poor in Mindanao.

nature of the COALITION

The coalition serves as the forum for discussion, dialogue and coordination
among Mindanao networks and NGOs concerning development programs and its
impact to the Mindanao community.  It also serves as advocacy center of NGOs in
Mindanao on issues related to development of tripeoples - Lumad, Moro and
Christian settlers. It facilitates and promotes Mindanao consciousness and
greater tripeople awareness among Mindanawons and Mindanao NGOs.

principles governing the COALITION

All Principles are made by consensus, giving due respect and recognition of the
autonomy of each network, their positions and convictions at all times.  It upholds
transparency, open and healthy criticisms among its members.







The MINCODE Assembly is the highest
policy-making body  of the coalition that is
composed of seven representatives each from
the eleven member-networks.  It meets once a
In between the General Assembly, the
MINCODE Council meets and decides on certain
policies of the organization.  It is composed of
one official and one alternate representative
from each of the member-network.  It meets
every quarter.
Tripeople Commission
Politics and Governance Commission
Economic Commission
Gender and Development Commission
Sustainability Commission
Peace Commission
The MINCODE Council created commissions
within the coalition to assist the organization in
implementing its advocacy programs.  These
are composed of individuals NGO networks
implementing related programs and activities of
their specific areas of concern fall within the
corresponding issue commission.
The MINCODE Secretariat implements the
decisions of the Council and sees to the
day-to-day operation of the coalition.  The
Coordinator heads the Secretariat.
General Assembly
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